Being a friend means always being there – even on the rainy days. We are an independent practice small enough to care and provide a friendly and personal service but large enough to provide a complete range of health care. As part of XL Vets – a group of over 40 like-minded Vets, we bring new ideas and best practice being part of a larger network brings.


Small Animal Care

We are a truly dedicated team of vets and nurses. All of us take continuing education seriously, attending courses throughout the year to improve our knowledge and understanding. Many of our vets have a particular area of interest and expertise. This means we can ensure that your family’s loved one is in safe hands.

Why Glenthorne

Diagnostic Equipment

Digital radiography Enables rapid acquisition of high quality radiographs (X-Rays). This improves efficiency and the images obtained are of higher definition and resolution than was possible with conventional equipment

Laboratory Fully integrated state of the art blood sample machine on site, which allows rapid diagnosis without having to send samples away. We retain access to an external laboratory and clinical pathologists to back up our diagnoses and advise on specific cases. We can perform biochemistry, haematology, electrolyte samples quickly and our equipment also allows us to run specific check for diseases such as pancreatitis, Lungworm and Cushings Disease.

Ultrasound scanner that enables us to see images of the heart and abdomen. We can perform pregnancy checks for bitches; heart scans to look for heart disease, and also examine the liver and kidneys in great detail.

ECG machine Enabling comprehensive work up for heart cases

Blood pressure monitor Regular vital check-ups, particularly for cats with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)


Sevoflourane(TM) widely held to be the ‘Gold Standard’ gaseous anaesthetic.

Multiparameter monitor that measures oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, ECG, and also has a capnograph.

Trained vets and nurses who are informed and up to date on pain management plans and medicines for surgical cases and dental cases, including special nerve blocks.

Intravenous fluid pumps to ensure continuous fluid infusions

Bair Hugger(TM) (a special warming device) to ensure your pet does not become cold during long operations.

Intensive Care Unit that enables us to look after very seriously ill cases, and provide oxygen enrichment.


Highly trained team of vets that offer all forms of surgery including routine neutering, lump removals, gastro-intestinal surgery bladder surgery etc.

Full range of orthopaedic surgery: complex fracture repairs can be dealt with using an array of orthopaedic equipment including the lastes advanced locking screws and plates. Cruciate surgery including TPLO, TTA and lateral suture repair are all offered in-house at realistic prices, without needing to resort to referral.

Resident Small Animal Surgery Certificate Holders Stuart Brown and Chloe Hawkins have both studied for and gained the BSAVA Post Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Surgery.

Helica Hip Replacement system should your pet require such surgery.

Harmonic Scalpel (TM) from Ethicon that will in time, enable us to offer laparoscopic (keyhole) bitch spaying, as well as minimally invasive chest and abdomen surgery where appropriate.

Nurse consultations

Our nurses provide consultations for a range of services and conditions, from claw clipping, through dietary advice right up to wound management and diabetes monitoring


We have a large airy waiting room and three light inviting consulting rooms, with a range of different kennels to suit all sizes of pets from Guinea Pigs up to the biggest Great Dane.

We offer our own 24-hour care 365 days a year. So you will always see one of our own vets in any emergency. They always have access to your own notes, so are up to date on your pet’s conditions and any treatment they may be receiving.

Our modern records system is accessible 24 hours a day and distributes the notes across the practice securely in real time, even if you normally use a different branch of our practice in the daytime.

Pet health

We offer a Pet Health Care package which gives a considerable discount on routine health treatments such as vaccination and parasite control, and gives our loyal customers a 10% discount on all other services, all for a reasonable monthly payment.