Lifetime Care Club



Peace of mind for your pets general health

We know that it costs money to keep a pet. With many people vaccinating, and choosing flea and worming treatment at the same time of year, it can get expensive when you have all your preventative healthcare to pay for at the same time.

Suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits, we have developed our Lifetime Care Club to help you to plan for your preventative healthcare. For a fixed amount each month, we will take care of your vaccinations, flea and worming and you have access to a list of benefits as part of your membership.

Included withn the schemes are:

* Full clinical examination by a Veterinary Surgeon
* Annual Routine Vaccinations
* Flea and Worming Treatments
* Microchipping
* Six Month health check with a Nurse, Diet and Behavioural Advice
* £1 discount for subsequent pets

An annual health check at the time of your pet’s booster allows us to carefully monitor the health of your pet as they age and to offer advice, support and treatment planning which may prevent problems arising in the future. At these health checks we can administer any necessary vaccinations and dispense safe and effective worming and flea treatments – all included within your scheme.

Members of the Lifetime Care Clubs will receive the added benefit of 10% discount on many other items including:


* Neutering
* Dentistry
* Food
* Retail shop purchases
* Long-term medication*
* In house blood sampling

Furthermore, you can spread the cost of annual membership and pay by monthly Direct Debit.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please talk to a member of our team for further details

More about our Lifetime Care Club

To find out more, or to apply for your pet to be a member of our Lifetime Care Club call us on 01889 562164 or Email

Alternatively complete a form and send back to us to register.