365, 24/7

We are trusted farm vets with over 100 years of specialist experience, providing a complete and reliable veterinary service for all livestock under our care. Our focus is on working with the complete farm team, to create bespoke preventative health care plans as well as dealing with the everyday individual sick animals and emergencies 24 hours daily, 365 days of the year.

Large Animal Care

Within our team of highly motivated and experienced mixed practitioners, we have several Farm animal only vets. In addition, we have individual vets with areas of special interest and knowledge: this includes cattle lameness, nutrition, fertility and mastitis as well as sheep medicine and animal welfare.

All our farm vets have extensive knowledge of both the farming systems and have formed strong links within the rural communities within our practice area.

Why Glenthorne

  • Dairyco Healthy Feet scheme trained vets
  • Regular mobility scoring
  • Vets trained in the Dutch 5 stage trim method
  • Full farm lameness assessments to include cow comfort and cow flow and advise on housing developments
  • Dairyco Mastitis Plan deliverers within the practice
  • Milking visits to assess milking routine, teat end condition and parlour function
  • Bacteriology interpretation and treatment plans created
  • Analysis of mastitis records using inter-herd plus
  • Regular fertility visits using portable scanners to pregnancy diagnose and treat problem cows
  • Synchronisation programmes
  • Data analysis using milk recording records into inter-herd plus to create quarterly reports
  • Designated first vet and back up vet for each farm to provide continuity of service
  • Bull fertility testing
Beef and sheep
  • We offer tailor made health planning packages to suit all types of enterprise, large or small
  • Ram and bull fertility testing
  • Ram vasectomies and synchronised breeding programmes
  • Drench testing and faecal egg counting to establish wormer resistance and create parasite control programmes



We offer our own 24-hour care 365 days a year. So you will always see one of our own vets in any emergency. We run a modern fleet of cars that are fully equiped with a range of medicines and equipment.

Our modern records system is accessible 24 hours a day and distributes the notes across the practice securely in real time.