A lame dog story

by | Oct 5, 2017 | News

Nobody really knows what happened to Winnie the pocket rocket working Cocker Spaniel, only that she was suddenly painfully lame after running across a field. Rather stoically she was trying to walk on her right hind leg, but it was clear she was in considerable discomfort when she was admitted one Sunday morning.

Initial radiographs were unremarkable at first glance, although Winnie’s knee cap readily left its normal place in the groove at the bottom of the thigh bone when she was examined. However, an ominous clunk could be felt when moving the thigh bone, emanating from the hip joint. Further radiographs were taken using a special technique to highlight changes in the hip, and a fracture of the femoral neck became apparent, leaving the ball of the hip detached and sitting in the socket.

Winnie was taken to theatre and 3 pins were placed through the neck into the femoral head to reattach it. Winnie recovered very quickly and was discharged with strict instructions the following morning, walking very comfortably on all four legs!